April Happened

May Curves Flatten

Well, April is the month everything finally caught up with me. No more backlog of completed projects waiting to be published. Only one article published.

Infographic: The Evolution Of Carmen’s Crest

In my ongoing research on Carmen Sandiego, I was surprised how many logo icons there’d been. I promised I’d make an infographic for hitting $100 per month on Patreon, and this seemed like a worthy topic. (Donations dropped below $100 before I finished it, but that’s understandable being that it’s 2020 after all.)

Twitter Threads


As usual, I’ve been helping out designing animated sequences for Polymatter and thumbnails for Half As Interesting.

Around The Internet

VIDEO: Awesome Possum (Gaming Historian)
Need I say more?

NEWSLETTER: Video Game Deep Cuts (Simon Carless)
Sometimes I’m tempted to link to half of these articles in my own newsletter, which would be silly. So instead I’ll point you directly over there.

PODCAST: They Create Worlds - Ep 113 (Alex Smith & Jeffrey Daum)
THEY CREATE WORLDS Vol. 1 is the best history book on video games, but did you know it’s also a podcast? The latest episode features a surprise mention of yours truly.

THREAD: Why Errors Happen In Japanese Localization / FF7 (Liz Bushouse)

THREAD: Hundreds Of Fascinating Threads About Pac-Man History (Tim Lapetino)

THREAD: Why G4 Cut To Commercial During Halo 3 Trailer Reveal (Adam Sessler)
- Continues Here When The Thread Breaks
- Bonus Thread On E3 Shitshow

FUNNY VIDEO: Is Race Drivin’ (SNES) Worth Playing Today? (SNESdrunk)

VIDEO: Thief/Cobbler Guy Is Now Restoring SMB Movie Deleted Scenes

That’s all for now. And as always, you can support my research on Patreon.