Happy Birthday Famicom

And Happy Birthday To Sega's SG-1000, I Guess

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Nintendo’s Famicom was released on this day in 1983. The funny thing about being born on the day the Famicom was released is that I get to wish it a happy birthday on my birthday. (The downside is that when the Famicom hits a big anniversary year, the entire internet that day reminds me I’m old.)

The month of June was about getting out of my funk. I have some exciting new research and new illustrations that I’ll hopefully be able to share with you soon.

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As usual, I’ve been helping design thumbnails for Half As Interesting and Real Life Lore. Over at the former channel we dropped the title blocks, which opened things up to experimentation. I’m pretty happy with the above two images in particular.

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VIDEO: Andy McNamara Interview (MinnMax)
Minnesota gaming magazine Game Informer’s Editor In Chief Andy McNamara is stepping down, which blew my mind. He discusses his big career change on MinnMax, a Minnesota Youtube channel started by other former Game Informer writers.

VIDEO: Remastering Command & Conquer (Noclip)
I find projects that remaster early FMV footage super fascinating.

VIDEO: Are Western And Japanese RPGs So Different? (Game Maker’s Toolkit)
A brief history of the origin of the digital RPG.

VIDEO/AUDIO: They Create Worlds Livestream (Part 1)
The THEY CREATE WORLDS podcast recorded raw audio for multiple upcoming episodes during an epic Twitch livestream, and now they’re experimenting with launching a channel. Like and subscribe?

VIDEO: Renderware - The Engine That Powered An Era (Retrohistories)
I’d never heard of this engine, and a lot of games used it.

VIDEO: Night Driver (Atari Archives)
A fascinating look at early driving games.

VIDEO: Final Hours Of Half-Life - Alyx (Geoff Reads First 3 Chapters Live)
What it says on the tin, archive of a stream.

ARTICLE: The Rise And Fall Of Adobe Flash

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THREAD: The Special Features Included On An Obscure ‘90s Namco Game

Unrelated To Games

Yeah, I link to a lot of video game history, but I also love hearing about culture outside of games.

VIDEO: How K-Pop Superfans Are Changing The World (MinnMax)
Speaking of MinnMax, it has a new column/series called Refreshed that looks at digital culture. I’ve been curiouso about this whole K-Pop phenomenon, so I enjoy this primer.

VIDEO: The ‘90s Dark Universe (Patrick H. Willems)
I didn’t realize that Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s DRACULA led to a whole movement of serious horror.

VIDEO: Death Of The Author 2: Rowling Boogaloo (Lindsay Ellis)
Unscripted thoughts about the whole J.K. Rowling situation.

VIDEO: A Million Dollars Vs. A Billion Dollars, Visualized (Tom Scott)
Unless you’re a millionaire, the difference between a million and a billion is difficult to comprehend, because both just seem like silly fictional numbers to our brains. Tom Scott does an amazing job of illustrating the difference.

VIDEO: Working Titles Trailer (Nebula)
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I exist in the Venn Diagram overlap between Movies/Games/Comics and Obsession-With-Fonts. And so does this ongoing video series! If you share a similar obsession, it might be worth it to sign up for a free trial to Nebula. Disclosure: I work for the company who does Nebula, but I’m sharing this cuz I love it.

That’s all for this month. As always, you can support my research on Patreon. Exciting things coming very soon.