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Attempt At Clever Subtitle.

Y’know, at the beginning of May I tweeted:

I don’t even want to think about how June could top May, because frankly leaking from my back during a pandemic during a political crisis is pretty much my limit.

The “leaking” I was referring to was the recurring cyst on my back that returned — despite being surgically removed last time — just as we all began socially isolating. But before I could get it removed again, I needed to wait for the painful infection to subside, followed by daily bandaging while it drained after popping on its own.

But I finally got it surgeried at the last week of May. Coincidentally, the day before watching a live feed of the riots in Minneapolis.

I’m not used to my home territory of Minnesota being the center of international news, but here we are. Thankfully, it appears changes are being set in motion in Minneapolis. I can only hope other cities will follow suit. Black lives matter.

I’ve been in a slump, but I managed to spew out some threads:

Twitter Threads


Meanwhile, I helped out designing animated sequences for Polymatter and thumbnails for Half As Interesting and the Real Life Lore family of channels.

If you’re a fan of Patrick H. Willems, you may have seen my Charl illustration on the title card for the segment “Let’s Get CocoNUTS With Charl.”

And if you’re a fan of Up And Atom, you might’ve noticed it’s got a new look with a new logo I designed.

Around The Internet

We thought it was lost forever, but it was found thanks to Phil Salvador raising awareness of it’s existence. Now I just hope someone finds a stray copy of RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE.

After Wietse van Bruggen discovered this amazing article about man in a Mario mascot suit attending the steamrolling of bootleg video games, “Steamroller Mario” became the ironic mascot of a circle of game historians and preservationists. Now there’s a game!

VIDEO: Untold History Of Arkane (Noclip)
Fascinating documentary with never before scene footage of HALF-LIFE: RAVENHOLM, LMNO, and THE CROSSING.

VIDEO: How Much Music Theory Did The Beatles Know?
This is a question I’ve long wondered, thoroughly dissected.

The actual title is “Ted Woolsey Remembers Final Fantasy 6, Evading Nintendo's Censorship Rules, and the Early Days of Localization.”

Sorry, I haven’t been watching/reading a lot of history lately. Hopefully more next month. And as always, you can support my research on Patreon.